Presenting the Project

We assume bad days in our lifes, that’s why we decided to share with you a different free way to hear your voice as a portal. Heads Down Studio AI. At the end the portal will be able to step forward on life problems and act as an AI.

Designed by Heads Down Studio

Heads Down Studio is a small Pencil marketing and development team that works with innovation website desing and online AI data. We called the platform as Heads Down Studio (HDS) because it is a study project of a new solving daily problems portal, you write what it ruined your day and we secretly keep into our super secure amazing servers.

Your data

Your thoughts are important, but without identifications. It is very important to us to improve and pulish problems. That’s why it impossible to target you on the site. It is not our goal to make money with specific intrusive personal data. Just your problems as an easy sentence. All data is anonymous so it’s impossible for third companies or goverments to target who really you are. That’s what we want. No more.